Important announcement – S+S closing down!

Hello my lovely readers,

it’s been quite the year. I would say that my gap year was well spent and I had so much fun working on this blog and interacting with you guys. However, it’s time for me to turn a new leaf and explore the world.

As I might’ve mentioned, I was accepted to study English literature and language in Glasgow, Scotland, which means a big move out of my own country. A lot of things will change and consume my time, at least so I presume, so I decided to drop Sunshine and Snowstorms. Writing this blog has been an incredible and lovely journey, thanks for sharing it with me.

As far as my long distance relationship goes, we are doing absolutely fine. Jade and I are still happy and we will continue to work hard for the love we share. I am currently visiting him and it has been a blast so far (as always!). I will try to start being more active on tumblr to keep people up to date with how we are doing. You can access the tumblr account here. I hope you follow us there, otherwise I will miss you a lot!

When it comes to green beauty, I did my own research and decided to go back to conventional beauty products. Getting into green beauty was definitely a blessing as it lead me into the world of beauty and makeup which have become a dear hobby of mine. I hope you understand my decision and will not shame me for that – what works for you, works for you, at least in a case of skincare and makeup.

If you would like to keep on reading my articles and advice regarding LDRs, please make sure to click to surviveLDR Magazine’s website! I write articles for them once a month.

I am also announcing that I will try to get active over my instagram as well. My handle is now @adventuresomeanna

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and I wish our paths will cross again soon!

As of August 5th, this website will no longer exist.

thank you,


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How to Deal with Stress

stress, de-stress, stressed, mental health, how to

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Stress can be a positive thing, but too much is too much. When your body is producing excessive amounts of stress hormones, life can get really uncomfortable. I break out when I’m stressed. I don’t fancy the terrible what am I gonna do with my life what is going to happen what will everyone think of me how can I continue my life???? –feeling.

I’ve always been a worrybutt to the nth degree. I used to spend weeks worrying about a school event as a child, yet I’d always end up having fun on that particular event, and quite frankly, all of that worry was wasted. One of my favorite quotes is

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.

– Corrie Ten Boom

These days I’ve become better at controlling my stress. I’ve learned the tricks that work for me, and while obviously I still become overwhelmed by stress, it’s a lot easier to overcome it these days.

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May Uncovered

acne, skincare, confidence

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If you don’t want to hear a thing about my acne anymore, run to the opposite direction. I will, once again, talk about acne! Yay! Not yay! Something in between!

The emotional distress acne brings to my life is terrible. When it came back last year, I had just started to feel like me and my body were getting along just fine. Until… Until the breakouts, the hyperpigmentation and all that jazz. I started to feel very self-conscious, but also skilled in covering my face in makeup to disguise fellow people. It’s been a year since my journey with hormonal acne started… and here I am, ready to regain my confidence and being happy with my body again.

In June I’ll be traveling to greener pastures (well… it’s not very green in California) and it means I’ll be spending a lot of time with no makeup on, in a pool. I’d be jumping up and down from excitement… If I felt fine leaving the foundation on a shelf. I don’t.

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Recipe Roundup #1


Recipe roundup is a (new!) series where I introduce you to recipes I’ve been loving and making lately. 

I’ve been exploring different dishes lately. Since I rotated towards a more plant-based diet at the end of last year, I’ve had so much fun with trying out foods from different cultures and also reinventing some old favorites.

I’m quickly going to tell you all about a couple of cookbooks I’ve fallen in looooooove with! If you speak Finnish, I’m gladly pointing you towards this vegan cookbook, Vegaanin keittiössä by Elina Innanen. Elina has her own blog, Chocochili and she has created a ton of yummy vegan recipes and vegan alternatives to traditional Finnish foods too. I absolutely loved the book and made so many things from it – they all were budget friendly and relatively easy to make too. If you don’t speak Finnish, I’m sorry. Maybe try to use Google translate?

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ZumRub || The Acne Miracle Worker

zumrub, acne remedy, acne skincare, acne

Acne, oh acne. What a struggle! Once a pimple pops up, there’s no stopping it! Or is there? Newsflash, there is! At least most of the time. Those pesky visitors are sometimes easy to find when you lightly press your face – if they are cystic at least. When a pimple starts to form on my face, you can already feel them there sometimes even a week before they flare up and want to pretty much just ruin your day.

A long time ago, I was (maybe?) like you and thought that I’d just have to watch it grow. Then I read a couple blog posts by Jana on Small bits of loveliness and Kim on kimberlyloc. They wrote such good things about ZumRub by Indigo Wild that I think I (figuratively) ran to iHerb and ordered me some. Oh yesss, am I glad I did!

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April Goals

Hi ya there. What’s up? Excited for spring? How was March for you?

Let me be brutally honest with you here: I have a hate-love relationship with spring. Did you know that spring blues totally exists? For me, at least. I wouldn’t call my condition depression, as that’s something quite serious, but I do lose interest in most things, want to sleep over 10 hours a night and have more anxiety than I normally do. Funnily enough, I am fine during all the other seasons. Fall never gets me down, I love fall!

Now that you know my spring condition, you probably understand the following: I didn’t meet my March goals. I didn’t even try to. The spring blues I suffer from usually gets better come April, so I’m pretty damn happy March is done and I will hopefully gain back my usual interest in … all things life.

So, I’m not even gonna go over all the things I did not do in March, y’all can click away to the post and read them if you want to! It’s time to set new goals, and actually work to achieve them.

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Guest Post: Essential Film Viewing for Noobs


photo by Noom Peerapong/

You guys, I asked my film-loving boyfriend Jade to write a post on my blog. It’s here now! Please, share your comments down below, I think he’d be delighted to know how you liked this!

Hey there, ladies and gents! The name’s Jade and I love film. I know what you’re thinking, “He  wants to make out with a strip of celluloid!?” Well, yes, but no. Mainly no… Absolutely not. I love  the techniques, the stories, the artisanship, the passion, the concepts, the characters, the  emotion, and all the never­ending potential of moving pictures on the big screen. It’s a world of  its own, or rather, an infinite set of worlds, all their own. So when Anna (my sweet, sweet  girlfriend) asked me to write a guest post about film, I procrastinated, procrastinated some more,  procrastinated a tiny bit more, and then, at long last, delivered the following.

Now, if you have even the smallest urge to watch cinema, whether at the level of entertainment  or somewhere deeper than that, I invite you to peruse the following list of “essential viewing”  and maybe find a new favorite! This is a list of mine own and some stuff may therefore not be to  your liking, but I will do my darnedest to include a wide variety, and really, the aim is for you to  find something worth watching, maybe more than once. And I would like to apologize  beforehand if you find this list is a little new­age for you. The likes of The Wizard of Oz,  Apocalypse Now, Casablanca, Rear Window, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Scarface, 2001: A  Space Odyssey, The Bicycle Thieves, The Exorcist, Star Wars, The Good, the Bad, and the  Ugly, Blade Runner, and a bunch of other oldies­but­goodies will not appear on this list (with the  exception of a couple) for the simple reason that this a list aimed at n00bs, and they’re not  necessarily going to run out to watch Roshomon. Now, let’s begin:

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How to Bounce Back

bounce back, how to, how to bounce back, organize, get organized, sunshine and snowstorms

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You know the feeling when you have a huge to-do list written down, you have at least 50 unread emails, you know you should clean up your house, and you just feel like your world’s day is much less than 24 hours. And then you wave goodbye to all your responsibilities, open a bag of your favorite snack and become a couch potato who cannot even count all the episodes she has binged on Netflix. Sounds familiar? Well, I’ve been there. More than once.

It’s very hard to bounce back to work from couch potatoeing (that’s a word!). Like, you’ve grown roots to your bed and your body doesn’t know how to process anything else than sugar anymore. I get it! But you can’t let your responsibilities just be for the rest of your life, can you? You need to get a grip and get errrr done! Here’s my top tips for bouncing back after abandoning your responsibilities for a Netflix binge.

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Uoga Uoga Mineral Make-Up

uoga uoga mineral makeup

Uoga Uoga is a green Lithuanian company that makes both skincare and mineral makeup products. Uoga means berry in Lithuanian – is there anything cuter? Well, if you weren’t already convinced by the name, then consider this: all the products are natural and eco-friendly, made with fresh ingredients. Their products are also COSMOS natural certified. Sounds dreamy, right?

I’ve been using mineral make up for about five years already. A little on-off and for the first four years I mainly used Lily Lolo, because I loved it so much. Now I’ve experimented with Everyday Minerals as well and I just love them all and seriously cannot pick a favorite. One would think I know my mineral makeup game by now but there’s still a lot to learn! I’m not the best with creating different eye looks (ahem, what I mean to say I’m not a blending queen.) and sometimes building coverage makes me want to cry. However, mineral makeup is the way to go with sensitive skin. Even though application takes some time every day, I think it’s worth it. The best part is that you can choose the coverage you want.

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Let’s Tone It Up! || My Favorite Way to Work Out

workout, workout routine, workout regimen, fitness, running, jogging, exercise, tone it up, TIU, running

Yesterday I talked about being content, and how I used to hate working out. Now I’m craving the high I get after workouts. I’ve come a long way and even though I haven’t seen major differences on my body (yet), there have been other prominent changes in my health. I’m stronger, faster, less tired and happier in general.

I’m not one of those people who can confidently walk into a gym and ask questions of different, intimidating machines. No, no. I used to hate P.E. for two reasons: 1) the classes were quite competitive, and 2) there were people watching me move. I found the latter to be so, so awful. I still don’t like when people see me exercise for some reason, I am able to do far more reps and push much harder when I’m alone, in a world of my own.

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